Текст песни Bart Baker - No - Parody

Everything about this is no This song is no This vid is no My dancing is no Plus it looks and sounds old Like something Britney Spears Did fifteen years ago What’s with your new look it’s straight up no! Your hair is no! Your clothes are no! Your make-up is no! Your stylist really blows. Did she pick out that coat? You should let her go You look like a leprechaun girl! No! I wanted to do something that was new Change the way people thought about me So I dyed my hair Change the clothes I wear And learned some lame choreography Then I discarded the sound that made me big nineteen-fifties bubble gum doo-wop for a sound That straight rips off NSYNC and Britney Spears style pop There’s a message in this song It’s a feminist anthem And the message is any time a man talks to you say Excuse me No! We’re here to No! We need to clean No! We need to clean the floor We are the janitors I guess we should just start Quit hitting on me jerks I said no! We’ll start here No! Be careful! No! The floor is wet! No! Miss Trainor I said no! But you’re dancing too close! You’re going to slip No! Quit asking me out guys I said no! Every guy I see tries hitting on me I’m sick of it that’s why I’m mean to them But that sound arrogant! No you don’t understand the effect my body has on men All these girls with me are totally skinny Which is weird because my biggest song is about positive body image for overweight girls Meghan we’re senior VPs At your record company We’re concerned about this No stop trying to hit on me! Now we think No! This song’s too No! It’s not a hit No! You need to re-record And maybe write some more Songs like you did before I’m not going out with you assholes! I don’t want No! I’m married No! Meghan I’m gay! No! Shut up leave me alone! But Meghan I said no! You’re not taking me home! What’s wrong with her? She’s delusional! All men are good for nothing If you see one run and scream Can someone help me open this jar it’s totally stuck? NO! WHAT!? NO! MEGHAN PLEASE! (I was trying to help) NO! NO! Results are back from tests we ran on your blood Meghan and we have determined you’re actually a man That can’t be! Yes it can! If I’m a man then I must say no To my hands No! To my feet! No! To my elbows No! To myself as a whole! She is losing control! She is gonna blow! No n-n-no n-n-no no n-argh! Oh wait, huh? My graph was upside down. She actually was a woman. Uh huh… sorry. Sorry Meghan. Opps.
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