Текст песни Bart Baker - Work from home - Parody

I was sitting at home and it was totally boring Then I started thinking about sex and I got horny So I showed up here to where my boyfriend works Honey that’s very distracting OUCH! Aw I bet that hurts. Trying to get our men all worked up. So that they will come home and bone. Babe stop grinding on the equipment! You’re gonna get me in trouble! Our men should stay home from work cos we want constant sex. But if we don’t go to work we won’t get our paychecks! We don’t care cos we only see you as sex objects. You should all quit your jobs and go on unemployment. But that’s not enough cash to live on! We’re sorry but that’s not our problem. The way you drive those nails in is really turning me on. Please go home this place is dangerous I’m using a nail gun! It’s not safe for you here, you shouldn’t be staying. Ouch I nailed my hand to the wall! Wow that blood’s really sprayin’ Babe I wish you’d put down that blowtorch, my body’s aching with desire. Darling you really shouldn’t be here, I have to work or I’ll get fired. FiRe! Can someone please tell me, why I’m on this track with Fifth Harmony? And why are all of their songs about boning? It’s messed up their fands are young teens. (Oh yeah) Somebody needs to teach these girls how to twerk properly. (Oh yeah) They look like they are seizuring. (Uh huh) Stop that shit I am begging you please! Ooh I am so damn confused How’d I go from Blase to a song with shirtless dudes? (Oh yeah) And why do I have this? (Uh huh) Guess I should hit something. Why’d you do that? Now gas is leaking! Oh my God you’re such an ass, this whole house could explode! We must stop this leaking gas, turn off the main control! You don’t gotta do your work, just stop and have sex now. You don’t understand this place, is bout to go kaplow! Y’all stressing me out Oh hey I know Imma smoke this blunt Oh no no no!
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