Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Kitty's back

Catlong sighs, holdin' Kitty's black tooth She left to marry some top cat, ain't it the cold truth? And there hasn't been a tally since Sally left the alley Since Kitty left with Big Pretty, things have got pretty thin It's tight on this fence since them young dudes are musclin' in Jack Knife cries 'cause baby's in a bundle She goes runnin' nightly, lightly through the jungle And them tin cans are explodin' out of the 90-degree heat Cat somehow lost his baby down on Bleecker Street It's sad but it sure is true Cat shrugs his shoulders, sits back and sighs Catlong lies back-bent on a trash can Flashin' lights that cut the night, dude in the white says he's the man Well, you better learn to move fast when you're young, or you're not around Cat somehow lost his Kitty in the city pound So get right, get tight, get down Who's that down at the end of the alley? She's been gone so long Here she comes, here she comes Here she comes, here she comes Kitty's back in town, here she comes now Kitty's back in town Cat knows Kitty's been untrue and that she left him for a city dude Well, she's so soft, she's so blue When he looks into her eyes, he just sits back and sighs Ooh, what can I do, ooh, what can I do? Ooh, what can I do, ooh, what can I do? Alright Ooh alright, ooh alright Ooh alright, ooh alright
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