Текст песни Cradle of Filth - Achingly Beautiful

Night, that fateful raven alighted on the cusp of my bewitchment The beast in the clouds had swallowed the moon A silverback thundering across the cosmos In silence now stars followed her tune Winking from existence on the brink of chaos I penned an open sonnet, to the pearly gates ablaze As I gazed upon this angel intoxicating everything The ball became her court, her presence there electrifying Candelabra fought, to tear themselves away She was a flame, divine My pathic call of duty, irrefutable Her eyes they paralyzed me, froze the flow of time A glimpse so achingly beautiful Fleeing from the manor in the manner of this crime We sheltered from the pelting, helter-skelter of the skies In the Greek gazebo, speaking tragedian rhyme Death would never settle, for one petal at a time He would pluck the fucker! Lo, this malleus eve, is heaving to the pulse of souls She was the game, sublime A Knight takes Queen in ruby indisputable Then Her eyes, they paralyzed me for a second time A glimpse so achingly beautiful Drinking in her flora this Aurora to the storm I was burning in the furnace of a love that went to war With ravenous desire, fires lit the heavens for Caressing in the rainfall, a less painful metaphor For this hunger On marbled tomb Breathless, cocooned A long red dress shrouds, like Ophelia, this Goddess Mourning then crawls Black velvet palled To pass fervent lips, betwixt her deliciousness Miserere Mei Diva Forgive me forever my bride But a gift was delivered, however perverse On that night you exquisitely died (Seraphina rise) Arcane perfection, her legend was etched (To queen demon revised) A fell resurrection, unparalleled in this world or next Awaken, forsaken, by others so taken as prey Now you shall stand in the grandeur of love A wonderland in which to play The beast in the clouds spat back the moon And arrayed in a crown of glittering cobwebs She slid to her feet like a prophet of doom Born to immortal darkness as mortality slipped away She was a flame, divine My gnathic call of duty, irrefutable Her eyes imparadised me with their wicked shine A glimpse so achingly beautiful Now she stirs the night just like the perfect Lorelei As she spurs the dark horse foaming in my soul Death is fleet, sweet, oft discreet, the beast in beauty's mask Her skies, bediademed, complete, now freed of days grown overcast
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