Текст песни Freddie Gibbs - Scarface

Blood gushin', I think I hear sirens... Chiefin' on that, think I hear my heart beat, Smokin', got me rollin' stogies on a dark street, Let's jack this nigga ‘cause he got some shit we can't afford, Another day in Gary, 'nother couple niggas in the morgue. He got the beating, his weed crumbs on plush seats, Niggas wanna hate, they get yellow tape'd and white sheets, And he steady talkin', my chopper, he gonna let it rip, All the bullets that got my name on 'em still in the clip. Life's a bitch, I was a virgin, hope she let me fuck, Pray I miss before a nigga bust his last nut, Homie '84 got the same rims that mine had, Freddie jumped up in it like freshman year with the dime bags. I started small time, dope game, cocaine, Pullin' stick-ups to the nigga from a no name, Diamond bezel, went from pebbles to a whole thing, Now them punk detectives in my section know my whole name – Gibbs, nigga!
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