Текст песни Ice Cube - Better Off Dead

—He-heh, he-heh, yeah! Got him now. Hey, Cube! Cube, boy! —What, what? Whattup? —Get your ass up! —Ayy, ohh, shit! —Time to go! —Whassup? Ooh, man, shit! —We goin' for a 'little walk Close 7! —'Ey, man. 'Ey, man! —What? — I never did like you. —Open it up! —Strap him in! All right... Calm down!You got any last words? —Yeah. Yeah, I got some last words. Fuck all y'all! —Switch! “Was America willing to maintain order no matter what the cost?”
Слова и текст песни Ice Cube - Better Off Dead принадлежит его авторам.

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