Текст песни Ozzy Osbourne - Spiders

Spiders in the night Creeping round the walls Now you'll feel him Crawling over you Creepy crawly things Filling up your bed Soon you'll feel him Crawling through your brains You think he's there Beware his bite But when you look The spider's not in sight Spiders reappear Taking people's names Everything is taken down insane There's no way out And there's no key But here's a clue The spider's really me You're written in his book The spider won't forget You won't forget The spiders in the night The end is going nigh Itsy bitsy friends The spiders disappearing from the night You think he's gone You think he's dead There's no escape The spiders in your head All the spiders in the night All the spiders in the night All the spiders in the night
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