Текст песни 21 Savage - Monster

[Intro 2x: 21 Savage] Power The money and the fame make a monster A monster [Verse 1: Childish Gambino] Feelin' so good, might smoke somethin' (Ayy) Hit it so good, might choke somethin' (Ayy) Might pull out, the game so weak Fuck it, you can go and have both of 'em Zone 6 nigga, I come from Neighborhood soundin' like, "Pop, pop" (Pop, pop) Pick 'em up, roll 'em out All of that drip drip there got young boy drop drop (Drop drop) Ayy ayy (Ayy ayy), oh (Oh) Where that money go? (Go) I was livin' fast (Fast) They gon' watch 'em slow ('Em slow) All these niggas got six figures, they won't miss an O (O) I'm gon' shoot they baby mama if I got the pole, oh, ayy (Ayy) Bodyguards goin' through customs (Customs) Both of them boys got handguns 'Cause most of your friends, can't trust 'em Clout chasin' (Clout chasin') Let me truth on the verse (Yeah) If they paid you to do it, you don't gotta ask what you worth Me and Savage, we came from the dirt If you rappin' for money, you silly This shit ain't a milli', this shit is a hundred The industry savage and most of you average Ain't 'fraid of no static, I'm bustin', I'm bustin' He might be an addict, he drinkin' that 'Tussin He know where you live, where you work, do you trust him? (Nope) [Chorus 2x: Childish Gambino & 21 Savage] Power The money and the fame make a monster A monster (Low blow) [Verse 2: 21 Savage] She below the belt, that's a low blow (Low blow) She gon' try and blame it on YOLO (YOLO) Niggas out here tryna rap beef (Rap beef) I ain't givin' no free promo (No no) He cuffin', he a cop like Robo (Robo) I'ma pass her to the gang like Romo (Romo) Brand new 'Rari, I'm solo (Solo) Finna go shoppin' in SoHo (21) You could dump me in the middle of the ocean I'm still comin' out dry (Dry) You can leave me in the jungle with bears and tigers I'm comin' out fly (Fly) I'll take the stand for my brother Put my hand on the Bible, I'm still gon' lie (On God) You can have all the fame in the world All the money in the world, won't stop no cry (Straight up) Pain and the hunger made a savage (Savage) Came from the bottom, disadvantaged ('Vantaged) Then I started livin' my dreams (My dreams) That shit turned me to an addict (An addict) It ain't 'bout the money, you can have it (You can have it) Shawty got a booty, I'ma grab it (I'ma grab it) In the fast lane, tryna dodge traffic (Skrrt skrrt) But I ain't never dodged no static (On God) War wounds, I got scars (21) Teachers told me I wouldn't be nothin' but I went far (21) I could pay your salary for ten years with one car (21) All the pain and all the struggle made a superstar (21, 21, 21) [Chorus 2x: 21 Savage] Power The money and the fame make a monster A monster
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