Текст песни 2rare - Rare's Room

(Oh, my God, I like him, he rare)
Uh, yeah
(Oh, he too rare)
Come on, oh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh (Woo, woo)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh (Woo, woo, woo, woo)
(Chase Davis on the beat)

Meet me in my bedroom, I promise you, it's nothing I can't do
You puttin' my neck and my finger all in your mouth, I'ma make you taste you (Let's go)
I got soakin', I got you drippin', yeah, I love the fact you ain't ran through
I got you bustin' back-to-back-to-back-to-back, baby, this is what a real man do, yeah
Oh, my God, dick in her spine, rubbin' on her thighs, yeah
Put your ass to sleep, now you catchin' Z's
Slidin' your panties over, arch you back for me, love when you bend it over (Turn around)
Lay your head down, fuck on the mattresses and the sofa
All of my bitches, they top five, seen you a freak from the side-eye
Caught her in traffic, driveby, you know me, shootin' my shot
I put a bitch in her place, like a new crib, fuck 'til you dick in, all in her back, I might nickname all of 'em Keisha (Fuck her), Tamiya (Dub her), Asia, Lakiyah (Shawty)
Heard it ain't cheaper to keep her, they mad that they niggas be cheaters (Yeah, yeah)
Ain't lyin' 'cause I'm a different animal, I be doggin' the pussy, call PAW Patrol
It's on site, bae, when you see me, shit come with crack in it, you can't get it, though, oh, wow
It's a meeting in my bedroom, nighttime, they like racoons
Creepin' around your house, my D all in your mouth
When I show up, you know I show out, I could drive through, I'm in and out
How many times I make you cum? Baby, she said she lost count
Meetin' in my bedroom, bedroom, bedroom (Oh, bedroom, bedroom)

It's a meeting in my bedroom
Meetin' in my bedroom, bedroom, bedroom (Oh, oh, oh)
It's a meeting in my bedroom, bedroom, bedroom
Keisha, Tamiya, Asia, Lakiyah
Ashley, Stephanie, Tiffany, Darnesha
Taysia, Mariah, Renée, Diamond
Maya, Sariah, they all fire
I fuck with all of these bitches a lot
I don't know none of these bitches, I'm fried (Hahahahahahahaha, hahahahaha)
(Got that beat from Jumbo)

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