Текст песни 50 cent - Your Life's on the Line

(Intro) Nobody likes me Nobody likes me, but that's okay Cause I don't like y'all anyway Man, I don't like y'all anyway Fuck all y'all I let my watch talk for me, my whip talk for me My gat talk for me, blow, what up, homie? Even bitches who don't know me, they wanna blow me Cause the shit I floss with is saying a lot for me (Verse 1) I came in the rap humble, I don't give a fuck now I'll serve anybody like niggas who hustle uptown Coke price go up, capsules come down The D's run in my crib, I'm nowhere to be found Niggas who hustle for me they don't even stash tracks They keep it on 'em, right there in they ass crack When I don't like a nigga, I don't pretend to I'll have the paramedics wrap your fucking head like a Hindu Look, I ain't going nowhere so get used to me OG's look at me and see I'm what they used to be I'm that nigga that sold coke, the nigga that sold dope The nigga that shot dice, went broke and sold soap The thug that pop shit, the thug that pop clips The thug that went from three and a half to a whole brick Nigga ain't in his right mind going against me My picture's painted the words that make a blind man see (Hook) Scream murder, I don't believe you Murder, fuck around and leave you Murder, I don't believe you Murder, murder your life's on the line (Bridge) Y'all niggas don't want no parts of me I'm trying to figure out how y'all started me

You gon' make me catch you on the late night Pop shots with the fifth and slide off in the six (Verse 2) I'm not a marksmen while sparking so I spray random Not a pretty nigga, but my moms think I'm handsome I hate to hear "he say, she say" shit Unless he say she said she on my dick It's no coincidence, niggas who fuck with me get shot up Do it Cali style, drive by and tear ya block up You soft, duke, you putting up a crazy front I stay with the Mac cause niggas tried to blaze me once In the hood they be like "Damn, 50 really spit it on 'em" You heard that shit? "Yeah, 50 really shitted on 'em" Beef, you don't want none, so don't start none You're just a small player in this game, play your part, son (Hook) (Verse 3) These cats always escape reality when they rhyme That's why they write about bricks and only dealt with dimes Leave it to them, and they say they got a fast car, NASCAR Truck with a crash bar and TV's in the dash, pa See 'em in the five with stock rims, I just laugh, pa I catch stunts when I ain't trying I ain't lying, I sip Dom P til I spit up, keep my wrist lit up Get outta line, I get you hit up Now if you say my name in your rhyme you better watch what you say You get carried away, you can get shot and carried away Now here's a list of MC's that can kill you in eight bars 50, umm... Jay-Z and Nas Imma say this shit now and never again We ain't buddies, we ain't partners, and we damn sure ain't friends The games you playing, you get killed like that Acting like you all hard, you ain't built like that See me when you see me nigga, what? (Hook) (Bridge)
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