Текст песни Accept - Russian Roulette

I know you raped me And rocked my soul and life You screwed my brain And offered me a line You set my heart on fire To make my stick like glue You know I'm coming Down to the point of fear You make me eat myself In scream in pain in vain To lose the last bite of identity And forget humanity That's what you like to do To treat a man like a pig And when I'm dead and gone It's an award I've won Do you think that pays

Pays for my life Which I give now when I die Wargames - killed in action Wargames - for satisfaction Shanghai'd - killed in action Wargames For you it's so easy To erase my name You might have a celebration For the ones who died Charity in general Is tax-deductible as well Ain't that exciting When everything's alright What a lie to say I'm immortal What a lie to sell me your fame Where is God when I'm buried Does he stop this bloody game
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