Текст песни AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

If you're having trouble with your high school headHe's giving you the bluesYou wanna graduate, but not in his bedHere's what you gotta doPick up the phone, I'm always homeCall me anytimeJust ring 36-24-36, heyI lead a life of crimeDirty deeds done dirt cheapDirty deeds and they're done dirt cheapYou got problems in your life of loveYou've got a broken heartHe's double-dealing with your best friendThat's when the tear drops startPick up the phone, I'm here aloneJust make a social call

Come right in, forget about himWe'll have ourselves a ballIf you got a lady and you want her goneBut you ain't got the gutsShe keeps nagging at you night and dayEnough to drive you nutsPick up the phone, leave her aloneIt's time you made a standFor a fee, I'm happy to beYour backdoor man, heyConcrete shoes, cyanide, T.N.T.Done dirt cheapContracts, neckties, high voltageDone dirt cheapDirty deeds done dirt cheap
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