Текст песни Action Bronson - Big League Chew

[Intro: Action Bronson]Yeah..Might have to lay down on the floor for this one, son...I got the whole pack of Big League Chew by the cheekbone... [Verse 1: Action Bronson]Uh, I got the whole pack of Big League Chew by the cheekboneIt's that Monte Carlo flooded with the weed smokeThe rifle to the peephole, free throwCall me Baby Face, welcome to the creep showUh, my clique is so nutsBig shit to lift you like a triple-toe lutzIn these streets, even a cripple gonna bustKeep a thing that won't rustThere's no trustRather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saintsAfter I'm high and disgraced, only a lion remainsFlying from a tropical escape"Did I do a perfect dive?" is such a popular debate(Well, I'll give it a 9.3)I'm the hottest shit since B2KMy Russian barber gave me the see-through fadeDrunk-driving on a ThursdayAlready told you, with this money, it concerns me (Bronson, Bronson, Bronson)

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]YeahI got an old soul and young legsI'm like a good horseWood splash on the floor, that's for decorThat's from the tourAbove the lawA half a million in the wallBought a painting of the Great DaneBought the drugs in front a A-FrameFlashbacks of riding on the A-TrainGetting sucked between the cars by a GuatemalanShe started humming on em, honey wildin', uhNowadays, you can see me in a trench coatOn the French boat, till I'm dead brokeI got the shit locked in a deadboltGet your fucking shit, baby, let's goI might never see rain againI might never see pain againI might never see snow againPicture my mother, say motherfucker keep going inUh, The stars all align nowOh, these cars I'mma buy nowOh, these bitches I'mma fuck, tooYou ain't gotta like me, fuck you
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