Текст песни Adam Green - Time chair

Nose cannot smell an eyeball, But eyes can feel a nose. Mystic say the bible is God wearing paper clothes. Don't you wanna sit in a hight chair climb up the gravity stairs? Don't you wanna sit in a high-high chair where time cannot interfere? Jesus was a baby. Adam had sex with Eve. When you make a baby you Spray your geometry. When you're having a baby you're Giving birth to me Arms are too shirt, the legs are too white And time is just a fantasy One, two, five... One, two, five... Death to my soul... Cause my soul doesn't know my name. Hells yeah, I'm polluting again. Time can be an anarchist. Time can be a chair. Some people try to kill me, but There's no death inside of there You can go for a flying rug-ride of Scale of the map, But lamp is five-dimensional And the chair is made of wax.
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