Текст песни Alanis Morissette - Purgatorying

Entertain me for the tenth hour in a row againAnesthetize me with your gossip and many random anecdotesAnd fill every hour with activity or ear candyDrop me off at intersections in any city metropolitanAnd keep me in this stateAnd keep me purgatoryingAnd sing me back to sleepThis is far more than I have bargained forStart every week with a breakneck urgent designAnd end every speed day with my briefcase representing free timeSpending my fumes, my purchases become my lifelinePlease give my love to my family, I'll doubtfully be home at Christmas timeDon't disturb me in this state

Please leave me purgatoryingI'll be damned if I'm to wakeThis is far more than I am equipped forYeah, I've held you up like a deityLike you're the sole owner of wingsThis unrequited tunnel of visionAnd I wonder why I've not been writingPlease keep me in this statePlease keep me purgatoryingPlease rock me back to sleepThis is love is more than, than I have bargained forI'll be damned if I'm to wakeThis is far more than I'm equipped for
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