Текст песни All Good Things - Watch them fall

Light in the dark Hope of the world All on your shoulders Can you carry this load? Here and now I fight defeat I feel the ground Rise up to meet me Just give me One more breath its all I need to make me see Sorry death you'll have to wait It's not today that you will take me When there's left to lose The only thing we have to hold on Is the chance to choose I'm lifted by your faith Till I can't let you down

There's something in the power Of men who've lost it all and they will know When we watch them watch them fall When salvation's in your hands Your will to fight can raise the simple man into heroes to make the final stand Hearts united can't be broken When all is lost Our hope will carry on Carry on When the sun and moon are gone Here and now Our chance to win appears I hear the sound Of your voice And now I do not feel the fear
Слова и текст песни All Good Things - Watch them fall принадлежит его авторам.

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