Текст песни Aloe Blacc - Merry Christmas Mr. Brown

Merry Christmas Mr. Brown Put the angel on your tree Won't you please accept this gift Of Michael's memory from me? Merry Christmas Mrs. Garner May your family always cherish Every holiday smile left That you ever shared with Eric Dear Geneva, how I wish you A holiday full of love and joy and cheer Remembering the sweet, sweet times When Sandra was with us here New Year's Eve, Mr. Martin When you look up at the sky See the fireworks that sparkle bright Like the light in Trayvon's eye To the family and the friends Who remember Freddie Gray I hope you know you're not alone When you're kneeling down to pray Merry Christmas Tatiana You remind me, you remind me of my daughter And no child, I said no child should ever Have to spend Christmas without their father Sitting on a train in Paris Where the streets are cold and bare And I wonder if it's gonna ever Feel like Christmas again out here
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