Текст песни Aloe Blacc - You make me smile

(Mmmm)You make me smile(Ba-be, mmmm)You make me smileI think it's safe to sayThings just haven’t been going my wayNo work coming in, so my money is thinAnd I still got bills to payBut all in all you been right here with meWhen I’m sinking low you come through and lift meIt’s nothing more than the love that you give meKeeps me from drowning in tears(You make me smile)Oh, you make me smile(You make me smile)You come through and save the day(You make me smile)You make me smile!(You make me smile)In a very special wayEverywhere I go people seem to ask meWhere I get my joy, why am I so happy?In these trying times when a frown is the fashionI’m beaming like the sun, now how can that be?See the answer to the query is very simpleI’m always grinning from dimple to dimpleBecause you love me unconditionallyMy happiness is heart-shaped, can’t you seeWhen you were gone(Can’t you see when you’re gone girl)When you’re gone away from meI just don’t know what to do

(Don’t know what to do)Everything about you girlEverything, everything, everything, everythingEverything revolves around you(Revolves around youYou make me smile)And I wanna thank you,for making me smile(You make me smile)You came through and saved the day(You make me smile)You make me smile!(You make me smile)Oh, in a very special way(You make me smile)You make me smile, Ooo(You make me smile)Love the wayyou make me hold my head up high(You make me smile)You make me smile!(You make me smile)Feel like I've been walking the sky(You make me smile)When nothin's going my way, what else can I say?(You make me smile)When I can't see the light here you come shining bright(You make me smile)When everything's bad and I'm feelin' real sad(You make me smile)When I don't have the answersyou always give me a chance to smile...(You make me smile...)Smile!Smile!
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