Текст песни Alpha Wolf - Devon St

This house, my home, so fucking quiet Death manifesting my thoughts The breeze pushes on, moments lost I stare at the glass, I see myself and see no other These walls, their memories Those holes, forget those holes But this god shaped hole, found buried like the dark sigil within me A broken mirror, distorted basket case Our shielded skin is a thing of the past Picture hooks where our photographs hung Hook my soul from within I am the decayed son To bare witness to this, a life succumb to this Top to bottom, cardboard boxes Webs on the letterbox The only thing stopping my dangling feet is having "Take me away" by plot on repeat I know i'm not the only one who's lost someone they love If I can learn from this, then I will teach you this Take all the time to reminisce Grab someone you love, tell them that you love them and make sure that you mean it 'cause you never know if that's gonna be the last time you'll ever see them againDevon St I did that, i never got to fucking say goodbye We are the dead generation We're barley breathing and heavily grieving You can count on us if you feel like you're lost You haven't hear the last of us
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