Текст песни Amon Amarth - Abandoned

They came riding down the slopesFive fearless men prepared to fightWe heard with fear the rumbling earthIn the mid-day lightSurprised we saw all terrifiedThe brave northmen's runThe fearless five with power rideAttacking us in the mid-day sunTheir charge was fast, no alarm was soundThey broke right through our linesI felt the cut it threw me to the groundAnd now I feel has come my timeI lie here in my bloodAnd see my family get killedI feel abandoned by my godI fear death's chillI see Hel's gatesTowering highAnd dark are theyI don't want to dieOh no! I was wrongDenied the true godsAnd now I'm doomed

I trusted foreign menAnd their god's sonBut now when I need themThey are goneI see Hel's gatesTowering highAnd dark are theyI die!They ride across the planesAnd punish those of false beliefAll resistance is in vainAs they caress them with cold steelThey are the punishersAnd they will never bendThey are power the five of themFrom Asgard they are sentThe power they have in all they doThe Christians non will feelNo one can escape them noThey will make them kneelTheir fight is through, they must returnNo one here survivedAnd as the blood red sky begins to burnTo Valhall they will ride
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