Текст песни Amon Amarth - An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm

Blood red bows plough the wavesDragon heads grinTwenty ships with Norsemen bravesRiding the northern windThey left their shores at early dawnAs a red sun was rising in the eastAn ancient sign of coming stormThunder of sword and shieldSails appear in the southNow every man prepareThe sea will be colored by bloodBattle is drawing nearA mighty fleet of forty shipsTwo kings bring lethal steel

No words spoken between enemiesJust thunder of sword and shieldA rain of arrows darkens the sunA cloud of wood and steelThrough shields and flesh arrows runBringing warriors to their kneesA war-cry loud as heimdal's hornFills the vibrating airHere is where heroes are bornAnd where death is always nearHere it comes the mighty stormEvery man attacksNow is when heroes are bornThere is no turning back
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