Текст песни Amon Amarth - Burning Creation

Surtur comes from the southWith red hot fire wargods swordsshines like the sunMountains breaks, men on hel-roadThe heaven crumbles, Ragnarok is at handThen to Hlin appearsAnother grief when Odin goes to fightThe evil FenrisAnd the brave and glory Freygoes against SurturThen will Friggs beloved one dieVidar, Odin's mighty son,he will come to slay the wolfThe sword runs into the

heart of Hverdrungs sonSo he avenges his fatherSo comes Llodyns noble sonThor he goes to fight the snakeIn anger he slays the guardian of MidgaardNine steps dying walks Odin's sonAway from the snake who misdeeds not fearDying from it venomWhen all are goneOnly Surtur remainedPassing his hand of fireacross the whole worldConsuming all of creation
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