Текст песни Amon Amarth - Friends of the Suncross

Salt water licks my faceand wind fills the sailWe head for wars on distant shoresMy friends are all with meAnd so they'll always beWe'll never bend untill the endWe cross the open wavesOn course to far off landsThor guides our shipsWith his strong handsAcross the waves our seasnakes flyCarried like ravens in the skyBy heavens breath on wings of death

Blood will run redAs we sever bodies from their headsWe maim and kill by pure willWe hail our GodsSacrifice in bloodOur altar is the battlefieldsDeath is something we don't fearThough it's always nearYgg brings us home when time has comeWe are five of usFriends of the suncrossStrong and brave to the grave!
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