Текст песни Amon Amarth - Once Sent from the Golden Hall

Rumbling thunder cracks the skyAnd rain starts pouring downLightning strikes a cold bright lightUpon the blooddrenched groundThe sword play is hardAnd many fallSteel bites sharp in fleshAnd upon a mountainTowering tallStand the messengers of deathFive horsemen in armour brightWaiting in the flashing lightLooking down upon the fieldWhere Vikings fight with axe and shieldOn stallions black as nightWith eyes burning redThey ride with thunder to the fight

Deliverance of certain deathA warcry loud as Heimdall's horneEchoes across the landEnemies who hear it freeze to the boneFriends of doom proudly standThey ride faster than the windWith lightning speed they strikeBlack ravens follow where they've beenTo feed from those who diedWith power they wield their swordsAs they ride down fleeing menSending them to Hel's dark courtTo never come back againThe warriors ride once moreTo the mountain from which they cameOnce sent by the gods to warAnd they never return in shame
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