Текст песни Amon Amarth - The Mighty Doors of the Spear God's Hall

A battle on a distant shoreSeawolves' wrath sweeps the landDown from the sky Valkyries rideAnd walk the field, hallowed by TyrThe fight is hard, axes swungSwords bite sharp, men are slainThe ground turns red, blood-soaked fieldDead man's last bed and Oden seesVikings fall, in blood they lieThe web of HornsThey've met their fateWith shield and swordThey're brought in prideTo mighty doors of the Speargod's hallThe gates open and into the hall of bravesThey silently walkThe one-eyed sits in glory mightRaises his cup and says"Pl vida faltetHarman svingatDet blankat svardetOeh banen mottTill den hoges salDe i ara fortsOeh vid mjodet hor

Oden kvada"Dawn breaks. The Einherjer goes toRelive their last fightWith passion, swords held highAs they ride in the morning mistThe sun warms the airWar cries sound"Tor Hjelpe!"The battle beginsCharging horses with fire in breathRush to battle - in glory die!Swords sing in joyAgain they cutWith shining edgesBlood-stained steelAxes shine, again they're swungRipping flesh - death be doneThe cold night comesWith charging darknessTo Oden's hallThe Einherjer returnA feast awaits until the next dayWhen warriors' eyes again shall burn
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