Текст песни Andrew Bird - Valleys of the Young*

[Verse 1:]Do you need a reasonWe should commit treasonAnd bring into this world a son[Chorus 1:]And leave the valleys of the youngValleys of the youngValleys of brunch and tedium[Verse 2:]Well, your friends will become strange to youJust as you will become strange to themYou'll live across a great divideAnd the problems that seem like luxuriesThey're off getting stoned and hugging treesAll the things you'll be forsakingStill our hearts are constantly breaking[Bridge:]From their cradle to our graveIs it selfish, or is it brave?[Verse 3:]

Do you need a reason we'veBeen making our two become threeAnd believe in this holy valley[Chorus 3:]Land of brunch and miseryI'm living onThe valleys of the young[Verse 4:]Now you're going on 64Driving down 65 to the hospitalTo see if your adult son will survive or notAfter taking those pills in the parking lotYou know the one behind the MarriottThis is a dream you won't be wakingStill our hearts are constantly breaking[Bridge 2x:]From their cradle to our graveIs it selfish, or is it brave?* – Song from the trailer to 'Gifted' (2017) (песня из трейлера к фильму "Одарённая")

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