Текст песни Annisokay - Nihilist blues

I've been climbing up the walls to escape the sinking feelingBut I can't hide from the nihilist at my doorBuried in the basement floor, didn't know what I had plantedIt blossomed with all the heart of a Cold WarI'm a spirit in a tombWon't somebody raise the roofI'm going white, I'm going black, I'm going blueDo you mind if I'm exhumed?I'm the ashes in the plumeI'm a beggar in the ruinI'm peaking out, I'm burning up, I'm shooting through

I'm only lonely for the trueParadise is in my soul, and I'm terrified I can't get outI'm lost in a labyrinth, we are all lost in a labyrinthPlease, don't followI sink to the floorYou were in my dream last night, but your face was someone else'sA twitch in my spine, a mutual disorderIsolation neophyte,too afraid to taste your conscienceYou march in the dark, little lamb to the slaughter
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