Текст песни Annisokay - Unaware

We're unaware Into an imperium with no right vision Nice clean streets, pretty Houses and trees Every day's the same, everything is arranged We're part of the game Nothing has changed Sweet voices in your head selling you plastic life Re-runs of sitcoms in this paradise I am running, running, running We're all running, running, running

We're so pure, so rare, slowly bleeding out Unaware – until we're running out of air Into an imperium with many illusions Neon signs to a world of fairy tales Every day's the same, everyone's just fake We're part of the game, we're all on the take Run, run, run, until we run out of air They're watching us, they are telling us what to do We are unaware until we run out of air I sit in silence now, no voices to wrap me in sweet illusion No plastic promises, a false reality within this imperium
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