Текст песни Arctic monkeys - Science Fiction

Religious iconography giving you the creeps?I feel rougher than a disco lizard tongue along your cheekThe rise of the machinesI must admit you gave me something momentarilyIn which I could believeBut the hand of harsh reality's un-glovedAnd it's on its way back in to scoop you upBut not on my watchI want to stay with you, my loveThe way some science fiction doesReflections in the silver screen of strange societiesSwamp monster with a hard on for connectivityThe ascension of the CREAM

Mass panic on a not too distant future colonyQuantitative easingI want to make a simple point about peace and loveBut in a sexy way where it's not obviousHighlight dangers and send out hidden messagesThe way some science fiction doesThe way some science fiction doesI've got the world on a wireIn my little mirror mirror on the wallIn the pocket of my raincoatSo I tried to write a song to make you blushBut I've a feeling that the whole thingMay well just end up too clever for its own goodThe way some science fiction does
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