Текст песни Ardis - Prayer for Africa

There's never been no greater crime So say a prayer for Africa She's opened up her heart to all who cares She don't care if you're black or white, red or yellow baby Africa a great nation among nations A prince among the province Innocently Africa trusted the adversaries While they spied on her nakedness Africa a nation taken into slavery Dealt with treacherously Yes, they plundered her cities They took the best and fled Leaving behind the seed of deception A snare to Africa There's never been... They planted on the minds of the children Africa a home born slave Through oppression and affliction Africa doomed to destruction Let my tears run down like water for Africa For the ruins of Africa is spread wide as the sea And her people have become prey So There's never been... We are hard pressed on every side Perplexed and despaired Yet that's the price we have to pay For our innocence But we shall wipe away the shame And stand in dignity amongst men Bearing the scars of deception A symbol of survival That we suffered and survived There's never been...
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