Текст песни Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted And Black

To be young, gifted, and black;Oh, what a lovely precious thingOh, when you're... yes, yes, when you're...When you're young - yeah, thank you, Jesus! - gifted and black!Open your heart is all I needIn this whole world, you knowThere's a millions of boys and girlsWho are young, gifted and blackWith their souls intact - and that's a fact!"You are young, gifted and black," We must begin to tell our young"There's a world waiting for you – Yours is the quest that's just begun

When you feeling real lowHere's a great truth that you should remember and know:That you're young, gifted, and black!You got your soul intact - oh, and that's a fact!"(You're young, gifted, and black...)Oh, it's a mighty sweet thing, yes, it is now(Young, gifted, and black...)Oh, my sisters!(Young, gifted, and black...)You're young and you're black, You got your soul intactYou got the future, don't you know it's a fact?(Young, gifted, and black...)
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