Текст песни ASAP Rocky - West Side Highway

[Hook: A$AP Rocky]These days of preference has no complexionYou could be light, dark, mixed or fair skinJust light the candleGold sweats down the handle, life's a gambleAnd she know, love with me isLike a C-note, outside of RenoA couple white lies, a cup of white wineA Pinot, Italian GrigioHouse keys to P.ORide from overseas but that's basicWasted, high on the West Side HighwayDrunk enough to fuck with, face it[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]Hangovers, leftovers in the Range RoverShame on her, make up or get a makeoverThink over, Glenfiddich start to takeoverWhen I brainstorm, all the hoes ain't got a thing on her

Audemars, season order like summer fallI throw the Audemars, then I throw out all the ballNew Dior from the boutique storeOnly thing in common that we got is that we want it allLittle cutie pie, saw her looking super flyMore Justin Timberlake on my suit and tieTry to scrutinize, cause I keep two insideSuicides? No sir, hoes get the Uber rideOr we can kiss 'til the sun come upOr, sit on my lap 'til somethin' come upShe ain't really wanna club, I don't really wanna judgeGirl just wanna have fun 'til the fun run up[Bridge: James Fauntleroy]On the high way to my placeIt's higher than you ever beenBy to my way, be all dayMe, you and all your friendsIn love, fuckin'In love, just too much[Hook] + [Bridge]
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