Текст песни Ashley All Day - Shop Til U Drop

Fuck with me, get your issue, I got lead just like a pistol, And your mama gonna miss you if you do not duck this missile, I'm the plug, you just the middle, I serve you from out the rental, You can't ride, you ain't my kinfolk, this a Chevy, not no Pinto. She go low like it's limbo, lil' freak, she a nympho, Rollin' OG, yeah, that indo, thumbin' blue cheese, no, it can't fold, You can't see because the tint, though, I see one time, had to get low, Double parked Forgiatos, pour the codeine in the bottle. Feed my dogs, I feel like Ralo, 'cendiaries, these not hollows, You ain't eatin', no, like Rocko, hella shells, no, not tacos, You need yams, I got a carload, off that muddy, this not Pardo, And the 40 black like charcoal, Gucci belt with the Moschino. Callin' plays like Dan Marino, double up, then I trio, Lazy niggas, y'all just freeload, stackin' chips, yeah, them Fritos, Gucci'd down, check my steelo, bad bitch think she Creole, Got no cape, I ain't no hero, smokin' O's and countin' zeros. Empty clip, then I reload, sendin' shots, you drinkin' Tito's, Perc 30, that's for me, though, pack musty, smell like B.O. Knock, knock, knock, like who that be, though? Got the chop up by the peephole, Bad bitch, lil' freak show, What you want? Got what you need, though. Ain't got nothin' for the free, though, My Crip niggas countin' C-notes, I'm with slime, we countin' B-notes. Twenty racks up in my Ksubis, You got bus card in your chinos, On the Greyhound movin' P's, though, I'ma get it, got the cheat codes, Hit my line and speak that lingo, Cop a five, I float you cinco. (Bitch, shop with me, ho)
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