Текст песни Attila - Pizza

You know what you are A pizza poser, fuck you I've never seen you eat a slice To you it's just a trend Pizza is my life Thin crust deep dish double pepperoni Elios stuffed crust no anchovies Pizza rolls bagel bites Cheesy crust is what I like Put it in the oven We can order delivery I don't care I'm not very picky Warm and delicious, spicy, sticky Cut it into 8 squares or triangles All I really want is pizza in me Pizza is the greatest food on Earth I got drunk with Papa John He snorted cocaine with his apron on He got too fucked up for delivery It was over 30 minutes so my pizza was free P-I-Z-Z-A

P-I-Z-Z-A - Yo dude go get the door, it's the pizza guy - Ooh, you got any money on this one? - Yeah, here's a five - What up man, give me that shit. Keep the change. Get out of here. - Haha. Yoo hurry, bring that shit over here. What'd you put on it? The good stuff? - I got the best stuff man. Feast your eyes - Dude are you fucking kidding me? Pineapple on the whole fucking pizza? - Ha, yeah? - Are you shitting me? - No? - Fucking pineapple?! Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza You fucking piece of shit Why would you do this to me - Dude chill, you could peal off the pineapple No! I'm gonna peel your eyes Out of your fucking skull I will extract your blood And use it as pizza sauce
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