Текст песни Avantasia - Wastelands

A moment of gloryThe blink of an eye and it's all goneYou hide in confinementDark is the cell that you call homeWe pretend to be blindeverytime it hurts to seeYou - you close your eyesTo blink the night awayAt ease in the wastelandsYou - you're dead and blindYou sanctify the wayBlindfold in the wastelandsDon't tell me in pain

The end doesn't justify the meansSpado, asceticIt's easy to sermonize in jealousyNow I'm off to lifeI'm changing sidesYour final goodbyeYou - you close your eyesTo blink the tears awayLove hurts in the wastelandsYou - you're old and blindYou sacrifice it allLost in the wastelands
Слова и текст песни Avantasia - Wastelands принадлежит его авторам.

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