Текст песни Ayo - Complain

I don’t get this and I guess I will never get it Why do some people have way too many bad habits While they all seem to strive for the ultimate life Way too many have to fight not to cross the great divide You wonder why there’s riots, you wonder why they fight Cause your job pays well and you sleep tight You might think about the others, your sisters and brothers Put yourself in their shoes, listen to their blues Cause we’ve been through the cold, the storm and the rain And you still got nothing to say, what a shame What if the sun sets forever Flowers stop growing Season doesn’t change And rivers stop flowing What if birds stop to sing And the stars burn out White clouds become pink

Cause the world is going down Would you still live in the same self-righteous way Possessed by the fortune and fame? Would you still complain? Talk talk talk and got nothin’ to say Wine wine wine anytime of the day You got plenty of things and you still complain Nothing is sufficient you never even care You got plenty of things that you don’t wanna share There are plenty of things that we cannot bear Too many things that are so unfair While you fix wholes with big bucks We pick up penny’s to darn our socks Till we bite the dust we work our asses off Knowing that we’ll never really have enough While you swim in the ocean of fortune and fame We’re stranded in the desert in hope for the rain...
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