Текст песни Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy

I'll take you up to the highest heightsLet's spread our wings and fly awaySurround you with love that's pure delightRelease your spirit, set you freeCome and feel my energyLet's be as one in soul and mindI'll fill your world with ecstacyTouch all your dreams way down insideLet me be your fantasy

Let me touch your dreamsCome take a trip to my wonderlandLet's spread our wings and fly awayLotions of love flow through your handsSee vision's colours everydayLet me feel your warm embraceRelease the colours in your mindI'll put a smile upon your faceI've got what it takes to make you mineLet me be your fantasy
Слова и текст песни Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy принадлежит его авторам.

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