Текст песни Bad Cop/Bad Cop - I Choose

I'm not a victim of what happens to me
I'd rather dwell in possibility
So, I choose, I choose whoa I do

I don't focus on our differences
I know we're all part of the experience
So, I infuse, subsume, that's what I do

I'm the constructor of my imaginings
The architect exacting schemes
It's all perception, one that I choose
To be the manufacturer of all I see, the engineer with strategy
Because I choose, because I choose

Talking trash just isn't my thing
I'm a non-judgmental anti drama queen
So, I recuse to spew over you
I do what I want nobody questions me
I'm the master manifester of all my dreams
Cuz I choose, I choose, whoa I choose

(I choose, I choose)

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