Текст песни Bad Omens - Enough, Enough Now

The sutures in my head keep getting ripped out These open wounds are the thoughts I can't stop thinking about Digging for purpose, feelings resurface And involuntarily my system gets nervous Tell me tonight that you'll be by yourself Because something bad will happen if you are with someone else I'm just all fucked up and I really need your help I really need your help There's a lot of hollow souls out there all alone And they're waiting for you to invite them back into my home They touched and they took what was rightfully mine Now I'm the devil and their souls just went up in price Set me free I think I'm giving up Don't wait for me

I think I've had enough Enough, now I pour myself to sleep into a glass that you keep And that’s all I'll ever be if you don't set me free I know it's hard but I'll be damned if I live in your hands So please put me down so I don't feel a thing My pretty little face with all the right parts My pretty little face I couldn't keep from the dark I learned from the best as my sorrows grew And then they pulled me out after I introduced them to you We're just two wrong souls that met at the wrong time So just go your way and I'll go mine You'll be alone with someone new until the day that you die And I'll watch from afar to make sure you're alright
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