Текст песни Barbra Streisand - Lady Liberty

Lady LibertyLift your lamp of hope a little higherBurn that flame of freedom just a little brighter, pleaseFor all the world to see and still believeOh, Lady LibertyShow us how to stand and feel a little prouderAs the anthem plays let's singAnd raise our voices even louderSince the real danger lies in the sound of silenceLady LibertyI see you rise above the crushing wavesBearing with this to our darkest daysLike that terrible SeptemberWhen we stopped and cried together

Remember?Lady LibertyGive me your tired and your poorYour huddled masses yearning to breathe freeThe wretched refuse of your teeming shoreSend these, the homeless, the tempers tossed to me, to meSo lift your lamp and lead us through the golden doorTell the whole damn universethere’s a room for all of us and moreForeverLady Liberty, my country 'tis of theeLady Liberty, for all the world to seePlease, Lady Liberty
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