Текст песни Barbra Streisand - Loving you

[She] Loving you is not a choice, It's who I am Loving you is not a choice And not much reason to rejoice, But it gives me purpose Gives me voice to say to the world: This is why I live You are why I live Loving you is why I do The things I do Loving you is not in my control. But loving you, I have a goal For what's left of my life... I would live, And I would die for you [He] Die for me? What kind of love is that? [She] The truest love Would Clara give her life for you? Would she? I would. Happily. In time you will come to see what is beautiful about me. Do you wish me to move to another compartment? [He] We're getting off at the next stop and I'm taking you back And then I'll go on to Milan. You must be cold. Here. Take this. Can't have you getting more ill, can I? [She] The moonlight makes even this landscape look lovely. Look over there There seem to be faces in those rocks. They're smiling back at us
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