Текст песни Bart Baker - Hands to myself - Parody

Most of my songs are about being obsessed with sex and hot dudes and since I look like I’m twelve it’s creepy when I show off my boobs I broke into this guy’s house cos I’m totally obsessed with him can’t keep my hands to myself got to touch everything owned by him Oh-oh I touch his shirts and his dockers because I’m a crazy stalker and his socks, his shoes, and all his ties I know if I touch everything he’ll have no choice but to love me like his brush, his floss, and his nail file Can’t keep my hands to myself Hey you! What the hell? Who are you? What is your deal? I like how that feels I have to touch all his food and this oven used for cooking it that doesn’t feel very good Wow Selena you are dumb as shit! Selena! What are you doin in my house? I thought I told you to stay out! Also why are you fondling my ice? Justin my dear I still love you so I decided to stalk you! And touching your things it feels so nice Well keep your hands to yourself! No stop what the hell? What’s going on? I can’t tell can’t control myself Your hands are under some spell like they have minds of themselves it must be demons from hell! Evil time to be expelled! MY HANDS! WHAT THE HELL! OH GOD! WHOA! Get off me! Oh no! What are you doing? No! Not the penis! OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Can’t keep my hands to myself!
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