Текст песни Bart Baker - Humble - Parody

I'm not conceited I'm just a genius Yeah (Yeah, Yeah) Aye I am king of hip-hop That's what every hip-hop fan says And ask the critics "Who the greatest rapper" They'll say Kendrick is Though I'm a Christian and be humble is what the Bible says With everyone saying I'm great I'm starting to believe this Plus every rapper in the world besides me sucks All of them should quit rap and get a job at Starbucks I'm so much better than them but you don't see me bragging Wait what you just said is a brag Yeah but I'm the rap king When I say I'm great it's not a boast it's just a fact But still that isn't a very humble way to act Sorry but you're wrong no one is better than me at Being humble I am the best in the world at that You can't measure humbleness! Oh yes you can there is an easy test You can tell someone isn't humble if they're standing But if they're sitting down then that means That they humble But Kendrick (Sit down) I am hurt and I cannot sit (Be humble) He just learned to stand (Sit down) But he's just a little kid (Be humble) Hold up bitch sit down You're a freakin dick (Be humble) What Kendrick? (Sit down) Do you not know what a statue is? (Be humble) He's lost it (Sit down) Statue's cannot hear dipshit (Bitch be humble) What the heck? (Sit down) No dummy this is a standing desk (Be humble) Show respect bitch sit down (Be humble) Time to inspect (Sit down)

I am getting my prostate checked! How did such a cocky braggart become president? Someone humble needs to run against him I'm as humble as a man can be So what the heck? I guess it should be me Mister Lamar what will you do if elected? For one thing I'll be humble unlike this gigantic dick head What do you mean? I'm the most humble person on Earth This guy's a rapper You really think he's humble? That's absurd Hey I'm humble that's bullshit! Hey no swearing don't push it! I'm more humble than Jesus What? Wow I can't believe this I'm more humble than Gandhi What? Give me a break Donny! I am like Mother Teresa If she had a penis but I'm too humble to brag about my huge penis But believe me You wish you could see it Hey what is happening? He's getting so full of himself My head's huge This can't be good for his health! It's a bubble! I'm the best (Sit down) I can tell you're all so impressed (Be humble) Hair flawless (Sit down) I'm so handsome rich and so well dressed (Be humble) And no no no no no no (Bitch sit down) I'm not racist (Bitch be humble) I'm the shit (Sit down) I'm history's best president Bitch sit down
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