Текст песни Bart Baker - I don't wanna live forever - Parody

Thanks to Taylor Swift I just got my biggest hit Since Pillow Talk I’m bout to sing falsetto Time to sound like I don’t have balls Hey there Zayny Are you crazy? Shut up! I got a great idea I miss Harry I bet you Miss Perrie I know how we can get them back We say we can’t live without them And we’ll die if they’re not by our sides Do you mean like a threat? Exactly We’ll tell them we’ll commit suicide If they don’t come back home No no no no We wouldn’t really do it we’d lie I don’t want her back though I text dumped her don’t you know? Well you better help me or else I Won’t do this cameo Zayn and I have decided If you don’t come back we’ll kill ourselves And when we die our blood will be on your hands Taylor what the hell? Hey there Harry This is scary Do you mean that text? Yeah it’s insane Taylor’s a psycho But we still have to go Why? Zayn’s still in love with me Zayn we can get back together So there’s no need to blow out your brains Oh Harry you showed up! Whatever What’s wrong It’s just a trick Shut up Zayn! These guns are just for show Screw this I am gonna go Taylor you are sick and deranged! Nobody’s going home! She’s the devil Yeah I know Time to murder all of you Wait! I can’t lie anymore I still love you No you don’t I swear I do that’s why I say That you and I should both Take poison so we can go Live in hell together Okay! Here I got poison Woah Well go on Drink it let’s go! - He’s gonna die - He’ll be okay Her mouth starting to foam! How are you still fine? Don’t know Yours is still full Uh oh
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