Текст песни Bart Baker - Me too - Parody

Who’s the greatest person who ever lived? It’s me! Everybody else sucks I’ve got a Grammy and four top ten hits clearly that makes me the best This is the most self-centered and obnoxious song ever heard Why would you want to be yourself? You should be me and no one else you suck Ugh look at you! What is wrong with me? You need a new red hairdo and giraffe hood too Here takes these dudes Hey are you trying to Make us just like you? Yes! But we don’t want to! If you don’t want to be me You must be a real dummy here wear these robes that are pink and sing into these like me Everyone but me is flawed So you should all quit your jobs And become entertainers just like me Meghan Trainor What are you trying to do? Please stop! To make you more like me not you you suck!

We can’t work Meghan please stop it! But you both are total dog shit I’m great! What’t wrong with these people who cannot see that they should want to be just exactly like me? Hold on, Meghan I believe that I can help them to understand Quick please tell me your plan I’m working on this machine Uh hah That can map out all of your genes Uh hah Then any creature that walks in will come out a clone of Meghan Hell yeah You you and you prepare to be improved Step up and walk right through Come on you go through too! This is so great everyone has my face The world’s a better place You saved the human race Now I can see Just what love really means That’s why now I’m asking Will you all marry me? What? Waaa?
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