Текст песни Battlelore - Of Orcs And Elves

Light seems fair and proud First born noble crowd Open hearts uncorrupted Maintain eternal tranquillity Beast, filthy kind Sick soul, broken mind Light burns their blackened eyes Spoiled blood, impure heart See their purest forms Hear high minded thoughts Denote the total contrast of The race made by Morgoth Stretched elven bodies Torture pestilential Dark side of the distant stars Unnatural creation Ironic how they were taken So far from each other Deepest dark, merest light From the one and the same awakening Cunning was the plan of Morgoth Those foolish did all the work He came and culled the harvest Bred the fruits for his purpose Unaware folk of the stars Forced into wounds and dreadful scars To raid the lands under his summons Destroy the race that they once were
Слова и текст песни Battlelore - Of Orcs And Elves принадлежит его авторам.

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