Текст песни Benny Benassi - Control

I've been trying to breakout of the breakdown Hoping to find a miracle in the meltdown. All the love and care I'll stay I'll surround. I dance dance to take me off the ground ground. I've been closing my eyes so I can see you. Trying to make every other lover be you.Oh no all of my fantasies will come true. I dance dance and pray that some of them do:[Chorus:] Hey-yeah, lift my emotion. Tonight, my heart is open. Let go, there's no confusion, Control is an illusion. Control is an illusion.

Woo-ooo-oo-oo. Control is an illusion. I can't own ya love, I can't own your love, I gotta let it go in the night sky When I look above, When I look above I see it shining; I'll feel so aliiiiive. Ready to let love back into my soul. In the beauty, in the music, It's time to lose control of control.[Chorus: 2x] Control, control. Control, control.
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