Текст песни Big L - Fed Up With The Bullshit

[Verse 1] Yo, on the scene is the brother that's big, I'm not a little kid I'm a nig who don't dig a muthafuckin pig Cause to me they ain't nothin but harassers That misuse they badges to whip niggas' asses Then one day they slow rolled through the hood With the .38s cocked, 2 deep, up to no good They say that my skin was black so they attacked Threw me on the back and stuck a gat to my fuckin cap One murdered my man like it was okay For the life he ended he got suspended with no pay But if a man woulda took the cop life, he woulda got life And never again see the street lights, and that's trife Around my way they shot many teens And them cops better stop, or I'mma stop em, by any means The Big L won't hesitate to cold diss em And if you ask me, muthafuck the whole system There are too many young black brothers doin life bids Cause justice means 'just us white kids' So take heed to the rhymes I kick I'm about to flip, cause I'm fed up with that bullshit [Hook] I'm fed up with that bullshit (bullshit) I'm fed up with that bullshit (bullshit) I'm fed up with that bullshit (bullshit)

I'm fed up (Aw, shit) [Verse 2] Whether it's the hot, warm, cool or the cold season Pigs be fuckin with a nigga for no reason You're just gettin home from work And gotta get searched and treated like dirt by a fuckin jerk Niggas in the streets got tough luck First they get cuffed up Then get roughed up, and that's fucked up This every day, not every other week Listen when this brother speak Muthafuck turnin the other cheek Or you'll be layin' in a pine box Bad enough they got .38s, now them clowns gettin nine Glocks I'm not only fed up with the cops I'm also fed up with them punk-ass cab drivers who don't stop They don't care if it's snowin First they slow down, then they see your skin is brown, then they keep goin Cause I wasn't white, the cab took flight But I caught him at the light And put a bullet right through his windpipe I keep a tool with a full clip, the trigger I pull quick Cause I'm fed up with that bullshit [Hook]
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