Текст песни Big L - Let 'Em Have It L

[Hook] Settin' it off lettin' it off (whatever) (x4) (Let 'em have it L) What? (Give it to 'em L) Yeah (x3) (Let 'em have it L) What? (Let 'em have it) [Verse 1: Big L] A-yo I'm serious, I'm not the type to joke a lot Dressed in all black never seen in polka dots No other write rhymes like these I'm cool as a light breeze, I'm playin' rappers out like striped Lees I'm smoother than velvet, my lyrics are well-writ You sayin' L's this and L's that: get off L dick I don't roll with punks I only roll with live guys And we do drivebys in 325is I had beef with this thief named Randolph Now he's in a casket dressed up with his hands crossed So you better leave L alone Before I reach out and touch you but not with a telephone Yo I'm the brother that you never even thought of beatin' Black white or Puerto Rican, I'm gonna slaughter each and Every crab MC that runs up When a battle comes up, give me two thumbs up [Hook] [Verse 2: Big L] I damage all opponents as soon as the bell rings It's all about me, yo it's a B. I. G. L thing The crown is still mine cause I drop ill rhymes A lot of rappers talk that murder shit and couldn't kill time One two one two crews I run through Fuck karate, Big L practice Gun Fu Cause I'm a MC assassinator I grab the mag and leave a nag leakin' like activator Step to this and get shanked up I knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt And I entertain well because of my brain cells I'm naughty and stop callin' me shorty my name's L My raps are hotter than the Bahamas

MC's be talkin' about breakin' jaws when they couldn't break a promise With Big L you can't swing long So get behind me and sing, cause every hero got a theme song [Hook] [Verse 3: Big L] The Big L's back to attack with a phat rap Matter of fact, black, I'm puttin' Harlem on the map Wassup cause I'm a stiggy star Breakin' 'em up and then takin' they heart You better believe that Big L is the man that be rippin' the microphones apart I'm undefeated that's the stone truth Cause battlin' me is like fightin' a gorilla in a phone booth I take lives with no pride, I just committed a homicide A punk brother died cause he tried To take my cash but he didn't last, I pulled out fast He tried to bash then I blast on his monkey ass (boom) I make a lot of dough, I'm quick to spot a foe Even if my grandma violate, she gotta go! When I was young I played with guns, not a kiddy toy Cause I'm a rough, rugged gangsta, not a pretty boy Facts on tracks I recite well Everybody wanna be like Mike, but Mike wanna be like L [Hook] Outro [Ma$e]: A-yo, big shots to all them niggas on the corner Doin' something they ain't Got no business doin' I gotta say what's up to S&S, Doo Wop, and the Bounce Squad Can't forget my peeps from Brooklyn, you know what I'm sayin'? Like Box and Herb and Big Sid A-yo, L, you must be buggin', B You didn't even let me say what's up to my hoes, B [Big L] Oh yeah, we gotta say what's up to the hoes, man Word up let's go see our P.O
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