Текст песни Billie Holiday - Comes Love

Comes a rainstormPut your rubbers on your feetComes a snowstormYou can get a little heatComes loveNothing can be doneComes a fireThen you know just what to doBlow a tireYou can buy another shoeComes loveNothing can be doneDon't try hiding'Cause there isn't any useYou'll start slidingWhen your heart turns on the juiceComes a headacheYou can lose it in a dayComes a toothacheSee your dentist right awayComes loveNothing can be doneComes a heatwaveYou can hurry to the shore

Comes a summonsYou can hide behind the doorComes loveNothing can be doneComes the measlesYou can quarantine a roomComes a mousyYou can chase it with a broomComes loveNothing can be doneThat's all, brotherIf you ever been in loveThat's all, brotherYou know what I'm speaking ofComes a nightmareYou can always stay awakeComes depressionYou may get another break[3x:]Comes loveNothing can be done[4x:]Comes love
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